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06 DEC

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Category: Investments & Life

Kindly note all future posts will be listed here only for record with links you can click on . You may also acces the blog site http://zarainvestmentadvisory.b

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28 NOV

Pharmaceutical sector- achieving an edge by managing risk

Category: Investments & Life

The last couple of years the market has been gung-ho about all the sales growth coming from pharma company exports to USA. In fact any company that had low share of sales to the US market had a dramatically different (lower) valuation band compared to the companies with greater presence there (USA). 1)This is in spite of

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23 NOV

Risk management is paramount

Category: Investments & Life

Approximately a year and a half back a few of us fund manager friends were sitting around discussing our portfolios over tea, of which I wanted to highlight a particular interaction. We happened to talk about the software sector and one of us remarked upon my portfolio namely the extra-large holding of a stock we can call “I”. One top performing fund mana

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